Bad Habits: 10 Nunsploitation Films

8. Nude Nuns With Big Guns (2010)

A nun called Sarah is abused and neglected by a corrupt clergy who peddle heroin. She is turfed over to drug lords after a bad drugs deal and she is pimped out for sex. Near death, she receives a command from God to take revenge on her tormentors so she arms herself with guns and becomes a one-woman vigilante squad. People seem to either really love this film or detest it. It attempts, like a lot of Rodriguez and Tarantino films, to capture the ethos of the Grindhouse film. There is over the top, cheesy acting and lurid exploitation elements such as a rape-revenge plot line. The nuns don't even have particularly big guns but I will say there is a lot of nudity in the film so if you want to see good looking nuns in the buff, you might enjoy this spectacle - there are t**s, t**s, t**s galore. The sophomoric humour wears a bit thin after a while and all we get is violence interspersed with sex which sounds good but actually wears thin without decent plotting. It is a bad film compared to what it is trying to achieve and I have sat through a lot of really crappy films (I'm an HG Lewis aficionado). It wants to be a 1970s exploiter but the title is the best thing about this film.
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