Bad Times At The El Royale: Ranking Every Major Performance Worst To Best

With a host of great actors in Drew Goddard's latest, who steals the show?

20th Century Fox

After years of waiting and fervent anticipation, it's finally become a reality; Drew Goddard has a new film in theaters.

Despite his near constant involvement with a variety of side projects such as The Martian or Daredevil, the last time that a film both written and directed by Goddard was in theaters was all the way back in 2012, with The Cabin in the Woods. While Bad Times at the El Royale has yet to really light up the box office, it has gotten stellar reviews and rightfully so. The film is absolutely wonderful.

It sees Goddard's directorial style evolving in natural ways and features what is undoubtedly his best script to-date, as he balances the overlapping stories of several different lead characters with the grace and precision of an expert. As strong as the script may be, it would be nothing without great actors to fill those meaty roles and luckily, Goddard has that in excess.

From some of the most well-respected and acclaimed actors of the last few decades to relative up-and-comers, this cast is bursting at the seams with incredible performances. But let's see who really steals the show...


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