Bad Times At The El Royale: Ranking Every Major Performance Worst To Best

6. Jon Hamm As Dwight Broadbeck

Chris Hemsworth Bad Times At The El Royale

Jon Hamm's role in the film may be limited, but he gets surplus amounts of material to work with.

Playing secret intelligence agent Dwight Broadbeck, Hamm gets to essentially play two roles. In his introduction to the film and the rest of the cast, he is posing as Laramie Seymour Sullivan, an obnoxious vacuum salesman. Here, he gets to run his mouth at about a mile-a-minute and Hamm digs into the dialogue like its a four-course dinner. He joyfully chews the scenery here, which makes the reveal of his true identity all the more effective.

As soon as he gets into his room, Broadbeck is able to stop with the charade and get down to work. Hamm switches to an entirely different kind of performance one this happens, changing everything from his line delivery to his facial tics. It's an impressive dual-role, one whose power is accented by the wonderfully intimate moment of Broadbeck calling his daughter.

It's a small but touching moment and one that Hamm absolutely nails.


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