Batman 2018 Movie: 6 Influential Storylines We Want To See

Batman must go Beyond.

Batman is a character with a rich, deep history so it€™s somewhat surprising that the films mostly tell their own tales. All have taken loose inspiration from stories and themes rather than offering up more straight adaptations like Marvel and Fox have had much success. Still, with the Nolan trilogy quietly receding into memory and Batman v Superman due to hit next year, this could be the start of a new dawn for DC€™s Dark Knight.

It€™s going to be 2018 before Ben Affleck has his chance to dish out justice on his own terms, but Batman v Superman looks set to take more overt cues from the source material than ever before; specifically adapting sections from Frank Miller€™s seminal work, The Dark Knight Returns.

With that in mind, now is the perfect time to take look at some of the most iconic and interesting Batman stories that we€™re yet to see on screen, but that Ben Affleck could totally adapt for his self-directed solo movie...

6. A Death In The family

Jason Todd, the replacement Robin after Dick Grayson had hung up his little green briefs, was not a popular character amongst the DC readership. In fact, Todd was so unpopular that when the powers that be had him captured by the Joker and let the public vote on whether he should live or die, he died, painfully.

If you remove the sensationalist, publicity grasping element, A Death In The Family actually offers one hell of a journey for Batman. After Todd€™s death in the line of duty, Bruce is forced to reflect upon the way in which he draws people into his battles and uses them in his mission. It€™s not a comfortable or cosy rumination, and rightfully leaves the caped crusader shaken. This being the world of comics, Todd later returns as the villainous Red Hood but any future film wouldn€™t have to concern itself with that particular conceit.

There have been rumblings that Batman v Superman could use elements of a dead Robin or Robin as villain story, with screenshots of the trailer pushing the notion that either the Joker killed Robin or was once Robin himself. Both would be pretty great story twists, but to see Affleck€™s Bruce lose a ward to his greatest enemy and deal with the personal fallout would bring a new dimension to a character we€™ve seen so many sides of before.


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