Batman: 75 Greatest Ever Moments

70. Batman & The Joker's Surf Off - Batman (196os)

Few moments in the garish, often vulgar 1960s camp-fest could trump the ridiculous Surf's Up moment as the perfect representation of everything that was wrong, and everything that is perversely cherished about the 1960s show that almost derailed the entire Batman property. It's silly, gloriously camp, and downright baffling in equal measure.

69. The Moment It Ends - Batman & Robin

Though we strived to include at least one moment from every Batman movie to date, it was entirely impossible to find a worthy inclusion from Joel Schumacher's godawful disaster flick Batman & Robin, a film which mostly consisted of George Clooney smarming his way around Gotham City whilst Arnold Schwarzenegger made desperate puns as Mr. Freeze from the confinement of his ice fortress. So what better way to celebrate Batman & Robin than to single out its de facto finest moment? The point at which it's all over, the credits are rolling, and the healing process can begin...

68. Batman's Relationship With Gotham, Perfectly Portrayed - "The Man Behind the Mask"

The iconic shot of Batman looking out over Gotham is a familiar one, but none have done it better than artist Jim Aparo, whose composition perfectly reflects the agenda to make Batman immediately iconic for kids everywhere. Here's the full panel...

67. "First Try!" - The LEGO Movie

Reinventing Batman as an entitled, self-centred douche, the LEGO movie's finest moments came when the reality of the character never quite met up to his lofty opinion of himself.

66. "Your Owe Your Life To Dental Hygiene." - Batman 1960s

Not just a ridiculous, after-school special style advert for flossing and cleaning twice daily (but it's indicative of a particular trend in the show) this episode (Death In Slow Motion) was the finest moment of the show's greatest villain, The Riddler, who was darker and more engaging than Cesar Romero's pantomime Joker. He wouldn't return for the second season after a pa dispute, but Frank Gorshin was easily the greatest antagonist, and this was his finest moment.

66. Tim Drake Kills The Joker - Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker

The Joker rarely dies (and even if he does, it's usually short-lived) but easily the most memorable moment of vengeance on the character comes in Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker, when Tim Drake, who has been tortured and brainwashed to become Joker Junior finally snaps, and kills the Joker in a flashback sequence. Not only is the pay-off of Drake's laughter a nice touch, the scene itself is oddly shocking for an animation, prompting it to be cut initially, before it was restored for a DVD release on petition.

65. Liberace Hits The Nail Precisely On The Head - Batman 1960s

The perfect storm of camp, silliness and excess in the 1960s TV show came to a head when Liberace appeared playing twins (one evil, of course,) creating the most obvious connection between celebrity and the show's agenda.

64. Junior Batman Fights A Bear

In 1976', Lex Luthor turned Batman into a child, and Superman demanded that he proved himself by fighting a bear, which is exactly how you should check children's ID. Naturally, Batman won, in the process turning the bear incredibly camp.

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