Batman: Every Alternate Live-Action Movie Suit Ranked

Sometimes the standard Batsuit doesn't cut it.

Batman V Superman
Warner Bros.

In all of his on screen appearances throughout his storied career on film, Batman has normally been content with wearing a standard Batsuit for all the work he does. There are some scenarios, however, that require something a bit more specialized than his typical getup.

Whether it be braving the cold, weathering sandstorms, or fighting superpowered aliens, Bruce Wayne always has a plan of attack and the resources to come out on top. His preparations for battles and unique situations have resulted in some fascinating suits over the years. The following Batsuits were not commonly worn by Gotham's Protector, and none of them for very long, but each one was vital in achieving specific goals and completing challenging missions that came Bruce's way. Some of these suits are more pleasing on the eye than others, but all of them proved themselves useful.

These five suits donned by the Caped Crusader were exciting to see in action, and this list is a celebration of what all of them had to offer. With that said, here are all the alternate Batsuits that appeared in the live-action films, ranked from worst to best...

5. Ice Armor Batsuit

Batman V Superman
Warner Bros.

When the Dark Knight was forced to take on Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin, it was clear the standard suit and gadgetry would not be enough to stop him. The ice technology that Freeze had was too powerful and advanced for Batman's typical arsenal. The Ice Armor suit allowed Bats, along with Robin and Batgirl, to overcome Victor Fries.

The armor was made to deflect the freezing technology that Victor possessed, protecting the Caped Crusader and his allies from most of Freeze's attacks. Additionally, Batman equipped himself with Bat-heaters to melt some of the ice that covered important equipment that was needed to defeat Freeze.

The suit's style is a bit clunky and bland, it often appears rubbery or plastic. The bulky silver pieces are meant to be a nice accent to the black suit, but they look more dorky than anything else, especially the groin plating. While the suit of armor allowed Batman to get the job done, he definitely didn't do it in style.

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