Batman: Every Alternate Live-Action Movie Suit Ranked

4. Sonar Batsuit

Batman V Superman
Warner Bros.

The Sonar suit that Val Kilmer donned in Batman Forever was a big change from his original suit. Bruce Wayne was forced to use it because the Riddler destroyed all the other suits. This one was more armor-like than the standard suit Bats wore at the time, and was equipped with sonar lenses that allowed the Dark Knight to see better in the dark. Additionally, the retractable lenses were able to link with a Sonar Batarang for use as a targeting system.

The look of this suit is quite unique compared to previous ones worn by Bruce. The Bat symbol on the chest is very large, but doesn't stick out much because of the monotone coloring. The cowl is clunkier than previous versions, and the built-in abs and contoured lines are all a bit silly. However, the utility belt has a gold Bat symbol which adds a nice level of character to the suit.

All in all, it's not the best looking Batsuit to appear on screen, but it's far from the worst.

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