Batman: Every Live-Action Riddler Ranked Worst To Best

4. Jim Carrey - Batman Forever

The Riddler Jim Carrey Paul Dano Batman Forever The Batman
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An acquired taste, to say the least, but one thing is for sure, this version of The Riddler is heaps of fun.

Batman Forever needs no introduction. As one of the most reviled Batman flicks, it's easy to write it off as a real dark spot for the DC Comics icon. But, despite how poorly it handled the Dark Knight, there's no denying that watching Jim Carrey bring his signature energy and wackiness to the role of The Riddler was a blast.

This Edward Nygma was chaotic, silly and entirely self-aware. Carrey went full-in on the character and played him with an insane amount of irreverence, which was easy to laugh along with. However, this was also the character's biggest detraction.

Overall, while this iteration is fun, it's simply too, Jim Carrey. You never get the impression that you're watching the masterminding criminal at work here; instead, you're sitting through Ace Ventura in green spandex.

There is a thrill to be had in The Riddler's physical comedy, but this version falls behind compared to others who took the role a little more seriously.


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