Batman: Every Main Live-Action Movie Suit Ranked

Holy suit, Batman! Great costume!

Batman Costumes
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Batman is a cherished character that has been around for decades, inspiring generations of fans. He has appeared in countless comic books, TV series, and films. When it comes to movies, each new version of the character aims to deliver something new for viewers to enjoy.

There are many different storylines to explore or villains to face off against. Any number of variables can raise interest in a new take on the character. However, one of the things people most eagerly await from each adaptation is the legendary Batsuit. Some iterations have revealed suits that were a huge letdown, while others have filled fans with excitement and appreciation.

The greatest suits are those that are functional, imaginative, visually appealing, and true to the character of the Dark Knight. Not every Batman film can tick all those boxes, but a few have. The history of the Caped Crusader's on-screen outfits is full of good, bad, ugly, and uglier. In appreciation of Batman's storied career on film, here are the 12 standard suits to appear in the live action films, ranked from worst to best...

12. Batman And Robin (1949)

Batman Costumes
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Starting off with the worst of the bunch, there are not many positive things to say about the suit Robert Lowery donned in Batman and Robin.

One of the moderately redemptive qualities about Lowery's costume is that the coloring of the suit looks like it matches the tone found in the early comic book releases. The suit as a whole actually resembles the comic imagery quite closely. Unfortunately, the early comics don't easily lend themselves to film, and it just made the Dark Knight look silly.

Even though the 1949 film adaptation didn't have much to go on, there are a lot of things this costume did poorly. For starters, the ears look more like devil horns than bat ears. On top of that, the Caped Crusader's belt appears to merely be a clothing accessory and not a functional holder of gadgets. Worst of all, the suit is ill-fitting and provides no protection for Bruce Wayne as he fights crime. It is almost a complete disaster from top to bottom.

This take on the character is largely forgotten, and it's not hard to see why.


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