Batman: Every Screen Batmobile Ranked From Best To Worst

Chicks dig the cars.

For months now Zack Snyder has been messing us about, slowly teasing information about his upcoming megablockbuster Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. A photo of Ben Affleck's moody Caped Crusader there, a snap of Gal Gadot's badass Wonder Woman there, some messing about with the Star Wars cast via social media. We've seen leaks from the set, including photos of Jesse Eisenberg in a funny wig (to play Lex Luthor) and supposed plot spoilers (SPOILERS). But not once in all of that did we get the info we really wanted about this long-awaited showdown between the two titans of DC's superhero roster: what's Batman's car going to look like? Our fellow imaginary petrolheads, fate smiled upon us today. First we got some secret snaps of the Snydermobile from the Detroit set, and now we have official photos from the director himself. And it is a glorious thing. It also got us to thinking about Batmobiles through the ages, as during his 75 year history Bruce Wayne's traded in more cars than a blind demolition derby driver. He barely manages to keep hold of a ride for more than ten issues in the comic books, but he's especially fickle when it comes to his souped-up super vehicles in their on-screen incarnations as well. Which is a shame since, in all his TV and movie appearances, the Dark Knight has sat behind the wheel of some pretty sweet vehicles. Not ones you'd wanna drive down the high street or feel safe parking on a suburban road, but awesome nonetheless. He's also saddled up on some total turkeys, automotive aberrations that Jeremy Clarkson would have a hard time finding some love for. And that man loves double denim and casual racism, so you know his taste is way off. With the Dawn Of Justice version fresh in our minds, we went through Batman's storied history and ranked his on-screen Batmobiles, starting with the best and running all the way down to the worst.
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