Batman: Every Screen Batmobile Ranked From Best To Worst

10. The Adam West Mobile - Batman 60s TV Show

As far as we're concerned, the sixties Batman TV show - and the accompanying movie adaptation; dehydrated pirates, frightened nuns and all - is the gold standard of Dark Knights. The tippity top of Caped Crusaders. A Batman who can never be bettered, no matter how hard you try. So don't bother. The show had an idiosyncratic pop art style, a ridiculous sense of humour and tongues pressed so hard into cheeks that we wouldn't be surprised if Adam West and his sidekick Burt Ward didn't suffer from horrible mouth ulcers in the decades since they hung up their Batman and Robin cowls. It was probably worth it. The OTT camp stylings of the costumes, set design, special effects and...well, everything also stretched to the era's Batmobile. Just look at it. Isn't it a thing of beauty? Working on a smaller budget than later productions were afforded, and produced in an era when miniatures and computer graphics weren't what they are now, the sixties Batmobile had to be a real, functional vehicle. It also had to look totally baller. We can safely say that whoever's responsible for designing Adam West's wheels passed with flying colours on both counts: the domed windscreen is inspired, the adaptation of Cadillac-like wings at the back to look more Bat-like, the classy red trim over black symbolising the colour the series brought to Batman's darkness and - of course - the first time we had a Batmobile that shot unnecessary fire out of a huge exhaust on the back. Where do we go from here?
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