Batman Future Films: 8 Big Questions That Demand Answers

Because we really, really want details about the caped crusader's next solo venture.

Ben Affleck Batman Crazy As we all know very well know, Batman and Superman are due to hit the big screen together in 2016, thus fulfilling the dreams of every comic fan the world over. Whilst minor details of the Batman Vs. Superman movie have been trickling out, we are still yet to learn exactly what lies in store for our beloved Batman once this team-up movie has come and gone... With a history that stretches back to the 1930s and includes many writers and artists, there are many ways that the caped crusader can be interpreted. We have seen him Bam! Thwack! and Pow! in cartoony adventures, grimace and growl through Nolan's more realistic Dark Knight trilogy, and do, well, all sorts of stuff in Schumacher's wacky attempts at murdering the franchise as if it were Bruce Wayne's parents in a dimly lit alley. Each Batman we see is a fresh entity, opening up a brave new world of possibilities for the character, and comic book movies as a whole. The result of this is that every time Batman is reborn on film we - the fans - are left with a plethora of questions regarding what lies ahead. What tone will the movies take? What characters - good and bad - are bound to show up? Will Robin keep mooching around Batman's place or is he finally going to buy some damn pants and move out? The possibilities are endless, but here are 8 key questions that really should be on everybody's batlips...

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