Batman: Get Ready For SIX Bat-Family Movies In 2019

Get ready for a bumper 80th birthday year...

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Even with the war with the critics and the apparently disastrous current status of the multi-million dollar DCEU, it's still a bloody good time to be a Batman fan. We've got Justice League coming (plus a sequel), a stand-alone Batman with Ben Affleck still attached and the start of the cinematic Batfamily spin-offs.

According to a Reddit/4Chan rumour, 2019 is going to be peak Batman - in line with the 80th anniversary of the Dark Knight's debut in Detective Comics #26. The suggestion is that Warner Bros are looking at a bumper schedule to celebrate with no less than four live action movies and two animated releases coming within that twelve month period.

The alleged current plan is for cinematic releases of The Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Gotham City Sirens as well as an animated version of Batman: The Long Halloween and another seminal Bat-story.


Inevitably, this is to be taken with the usual bucket-load of salt (since 4chan has brought us such previous rumours as the Wachowskis definitely directing The Batman recently), but it would make sense that the year will be used as a big celebration event. Perhaps those four movies could all effectively be one intertwined narrative, the same way comic book events can play out on paper.

That would take a Herculean effort in logistical terms, but it would be a great way to celebrate Batman becoming an octogenarian.


Would you be happy with this potentially bumper year of Batman movies? Share your thoughts below in the comments thread.

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