Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders Review - 6 Ups And 4 Downs

Holy pointless fart joke, Batman!

Ever since it was first announced, fans have been avidly anticipating this incredibly peculiar animated Batman project, which sees surviving cast members from the 1960s TV series, Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar, reprising their respective characters in voice form.

It's an immensely odd idea albeit one that is instantly appealing given the enduring love for the ultra-campy West version of the character. Can he and his cohorts rustle up the same magic half a century later, or does this iteration of the character simply fall flat in a post-Nolan Batman landscape?

Thankfully, for the most part Return of the Caped Crusaders is a deliriously entertaining ride, albeit not without a few issues holding it back from true greatness. Hopefully it'll be successful enough for another movie to be commissioned while West, Ward and Newmar are still among us, because the hook is just terrific.

Here are 6 ups and 4 downs from Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader. First to the negatives...


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