Batman: The Killing Joke - 10 Disturbing Moments We Can't Wait To See

Get ready for July 25th to be one bad day.

Warner Bros./DC Comics

Created in 1988 by the legendary duo of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, The Killing Joke is seen by many comic book aficionados as being the definitive Joker story, and one of the greatest ever graphic novels, period.

Whilst part of the mystique of the Harlequin of Hate is that he has no exact backstory or origin, Moore and Bolland's work gave readers a suitable, shocking and sad look at what could well have set comics' most iconic villain on his path of death, destruction, carnage and chaos.

Luckily, this must-read tale has been adapted into an animated feature. Not only that, but the fan favourite pairing of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are back to voice Batman and The Joker, respectively. Given the source material and the talent involved, not to mention the ever-high standards of animated Bat-features that Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment, anticipation is high amongst fans for this project.

For those not familiar with The Killing Joke, it's brimming with tragedy and some of The Joker's most nefarious acts to date - in fact, it was this story that put Mr. J on the map when it comes to being a truly evil, psychotic presence. So extreme are some of his actions here, many thought we'd never seen an adaptation of this twisted tale.

Ahead of the film's cinema and subsequent home releases, let's look at what we can expect from this dastardly dark story of The Joker's quest to push Jim Gordon over the edge.


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