Batman: The Killing Joke - 10 Disturbing Moments We Can't Wait To See

10. Humble Beginnings

DC Comics

When we’re first introduced to The Joker in The Killing Joke, he’s not actually The Joker at all.

An unnamed comedian, the future Clown Prince of Crime is desperately failing at life, beating himself up over the situation that he’s in. Unable to land a comedy gig, stuck in a hell hole of a neighbourhood, struggling to pay the rent on an apartment that smells of “cat litter and old people”, and with a pregnant wife to look after, there’s a tragic sense of despair about this poor fella.

Down on his luck, this struggling comedian is just looking for a good payday so that he can give his wife and their unborn child the life that he thinks they deserve. Whilst this is a tragedy-drenched introduction to the man who would go on to become the most iconic villain in comic book history, there’s also a disturbing veil of self-loathing and a hair-trigger temper about this future Joker, giving the slightest of insights into the darker side of what could be around the corner for this troubled soul.

Ultimately, The Killing Joke sets its stall out early on giving The Joker a sympathetic edge, but what’s most disturbing about the introduction to the pre-Joker Joker is that you can see the seeds for just why he ended up diving into a life of insanity and chaos.

Throw in some slick animation and an emotional, poignant score, and an animated feature has the potential to do something stunning with the pre-Joker days of this clearly troubled individual.


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