Batman V Superman: 10 Other Movie Mashups We’d Love To See

Pair these movies off one by one in a battle to the death to find the greatest movie there ever was.

Avengers Vs Justice League
Marvel/Warner Bros.

The Dark Knight v Man of Steel. The Caped Crusader v The Last Son Of Krypton. Bruce Wayne v Clark Kent. The ultimate battle between the two biggest and best-known superheroes of all time. 

However excited you might be, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice won't hit the big screen until March 2016, but that doesn't stop us from speculating over this, that and everything else that might happen in this mashup between two massive franchises.

Of course, it does provoke some other thoughts too. While franchise mashups have the obvious appeal of pulling together two big cult followings, they don't exactly have a great reputation for being brilliant films. Alien Vs Predator being one example. Alien Vs Predator Requiem being another. 

Freddy Vs Jason (or A Nightmare on Friday 13th) performed equally badly at the box office, despite original Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) reprising his role. Unfortunately, he also brought Kelly Rowland with him.

Clearly, it's reasonable to expect that Batman V Superman will blow most of the Versus Movies out of the water, and hopefully it might spur Hollywood into expanding the genre even more and creating some briliant face-offs.

In pairing up some of the greatest adversaries of all time, who have never until this moment had the chance to lock horns, the film industry could put to bed some of the biggest debates that have baffled philosophers for centuries.

10. Avengers Vs The Justice League of America

Avengers Vs Justice League
Marvel, DC

Unlike all the others on this list, which are totally credible, believable and serious, this one has no legs and is never going to happen unfortunately.  But imagine for a minute if it could.

DC and Marvel coming together in one glorious display of superheroes the like of which the world has never seen, facing down the combined might of the Suicide Squad, the Inhumans, and all those other superhero villains (let's face it, there's a lot of them).

It will probably be the a fight of epic proportions, the world will be in unimaginable danger, as will the entire universe, and the fate of everything, yes EVERYTHING, will most likely rest in the hands of a child who once won a rare, limited edition amulet that can harness the power of some potent force mankind has not seen in millennia. 

Inevitably it would be a lot like all the other superhero films, but as cinema studios have realised: the more superheroes are in a film, the more people will go and see it, and therefore the more money it will rake in. And if the day came when DC begin to struggle enough to go cap-in-hand to Marvel for help, this is precisely what they should do.


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