Batman V Superman: 10 Reasons Man Of Steel Is Better

Dawn of disappointment.

After almost three years of hype, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally here,'s not that great. It's a depressing reality to come to terms with, but the critics were right: it really is a pale follow-up to the widely divisive Man of Steel.

For all of its problems, Man of Steel is an effortlessly superior offering to the superhero grudge match, making Zack Snyder's latest feel like a curious step backwards as far as both the Justice League and his general filmmaking craft goes.

If they want to firmly secure the future of the DC Extended Universe, Warner Bros. should probably be taking a long, hard look at the talent they've got sat at the table right now.

In almost every fiber of its being, Man of Steel mops the floor with Batman v Superman, and here are 10 reasons why...

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