Batman V Superman: 10 Wild Rumours That Could Happen

The Joker may not be who he seems...

Batman V Superman Joker Robin
Warner Bros, Pictures

Patience is a virtue, and a quality clearly not possessed by film fans as we get ever close to the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

DC have done a fairly decent job of playing their cards close to their chest with the upcoming Versus movie, and with very little confirmed it does build up an incredible belief that anything could happen. We still don’t even know who a good portion of the cast are portraying, what Superman’s motives for taking on the Dark Knight are, who the villain is or how many heavily eye-linered Justice League members (if any) will be making an appearance.

Every snippet of information released, from the recent trailer to Twitter images and even cast interviews feel carefully calculated to never give too much away; a strategy that is pivotal in giving DC a much needed leg up on the competition.

In the age of the internet and a film of this magnitude, it’s remarkable everything has managed to stay secret for this long, forcing fans to draw their own conclusions, leaving some wild, amazing and downright bizarre theories to do the rounds on the internet. And sometimes they're pretty close - here are 10 speculative theories that might just be right on the nail...

10. Darkseid Makes A Post-Credit Appearance

Batman V Superman Joker Robin
DC Comics

Iron Man started the craze in 2008 and ever since Nick Fury’s surprising appearance where he uttered the phrase ‘Avengers Initiative’ it is now expected – and almost demanded – that comic book films have a post-credits scene.

With all the rumblings of a DC Cinematic Universe, cinemagoers remained glued to their seats as the credits rolled after Man Of Steel, expecting to see the seeds planted for the long anticipated Justice League film. Unfortunately they were left disappointed when the end was actually The End - the nerve.

Compared to Marvel, DC have very little time to establish their universe in the lead up to the Justice League film with Batman V Superman essentially acting as a prequel and rumours have been circulating that Darkseid is the big bad scheduled to do battle with Batman & co.

If that is the case, it becomes increasingly likely Darkseid will make a post-credits appearance, no doubt setting his sights on Earth as he continues his path of destruction.


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