Batman V Superman: 7 Reasons Ben Affleck Is The Best Batman Ever

7. He Feels More Effortless In The Role Than Any Actor To Date

Warner Bros.
Batman is, and always has been, a difficult character to capture on the big screen. At once, you need somebody who can walk the fine line between displaying Bruce Wayne's trademark levity, but is also capable of being genuinely intimidating if needs be (which is no easy feat). In the past, a lot of actors have tried to nail the character's complex aura in a way that feels authentic, but the results have been notably mixed. Michael Keaton managed the lighter aspects of Bruce Wayne's personality, but wasn't a very believable badass; Val Kilmer struggled to get a grip on both sides; and the less said about George Clooney's embodiment the better. Until now, it's Christian Bale, perhaps, who has given us the most successful on-screen Batman to date, but even he wasn't perfect: there was a genericness to his take - something a bit boring about him, even. Ben Affleck, on the other hand, just fits. He's completely at ease in the role of Batman in a way that the other actors simply weren't. Affleck and Batman feel like two peas in the same pod - there's a natural compatibility, a sense that they're kindred spirits. Sometimes an actor and a character come together and it feels effortless, and that's what happens here.
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