Batman V Superman New Trailer: 7 Huge Rumours Confirmed

Does this mean we're getting Doomsday?

Zod Batman Superman
Warner Bros

Thanks to its incredible Comic-Con trailer, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has solidified the feeling that it’s going to be one of 2016’s biggest hits. With so much of the film having been shrouded in secrecy until now, the doors have been blown open and fans have been met with an overwhelming amount of plot hints and character details.

This onslaught of information is notable because before it was released, the movie had been plagued in fan speculation and internet rumours. With a property as big as this one, and with nearly a century of material to draw reference from, it seemed like every week there was allegations concerning the plot.

The slow stream of reveals has worked from a marketing perspective, but in terms of discouraging said plot hearsay, it’s been a disaster, with each new detail spawning a legion of fan-created synopses and rumours. Lost in the shuffle are the real sources and legitimate scoops concerning the film.

Thanks to this new trailer, however, we don’t have to wait until the movie comes out to weed out the truth. Based on key details that have been spotted, we’re able not only to confirm a handful of rumours, but expand on how their existence will likely impact the film as a whole.

Amidst all the frenzied and fervent speculation, these are the rumours we can now just about rely on to be true...

7. Holly Hunter Is Playing A U.S. Senator

Zod Batman Superman

The Rumour: Holly Hunter is playing a U.S. Senator who pays visits to LexCorp and has some sort of relationship with Lex Luthor.

What It Means For The Movie: First of all, her presence characterizes Lex’s power. If he’s able in some way to get high-ranking government officials to pay him personal visits, that speaks to his degree of influence, regardless of whether it’s through bribery or blackmail. It also explains how he might have the connections to acquire some of the military properties he appears to have.

On the flip side, this is a practical nightmare for Superman, with this solidifying Hunter's position in the film and confirming that the government will be fighting against him. Her statements of fearing his power and wanting to hold him responsible for the destruction in the Battle of Metropolis do not bode well for Superman.

The last time we saw the government get involved like that in a superhero’s life was Iron Man 2, so their presence here doesn’t exactly inspire a deal of excitement. That said, if Hunter acts more as a thorn in Superman’s side, while helping to characterize his real antagonist, her role could absolutely serve its purpose, and add another dimension of realism to the film.


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