Batman V Superman: Ranking The Character Designs From Worst To Best

Is there anything worse than that Aquaman?

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice's release is a little under a year away, but Zack Snyder's movie is already getting treated to a similar level of feverous speculation as 2015's biggest hitters. And, even with the start of a third Star Wars trilogy and a sequel to the third biggest movie of all time on the near horizon, it's really not hard to see why people are getting excited over seeing Ben Affleck get the s**t beaten out of him by Henry Cavill. Of course, Dawn Of Justice isn't only seeing DC's two big hitters duking it out on the big screen for the first time, but also laying the foundations for Warner Bros. attempt to ape Marvel at the shared universe game. On top of the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel (as well as their expansive supporting casts), the film is set to mark the debut of many of the other Justice League members ahead of that 2017/2018 two-parter and their respective stand-alone adventures. Over the past few months, the various designs of these long-established characters have been teased, bringing the archetypes into the gritty/grimy Man Of Steel universe. And it's certainly been a mixed bag; while some give some hope that Bats V Supes won't repeat the same creative crimes of its predecessor, some are laughable attempts to force an unsuitable style on once-bright archetypes. Here's a ranking of the five Dawn Of Justice characters that have been revealed so far.

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