Batman Vs. Superman: 10 Actors Who Could Play The Joker

Hey, it could happen.

Matthew Mcconaughey Joker Sometimes it feels as though superhero movies are pretty much the be all and end all of the movie world: not a single day seems to pass without something controversial happening in the realms of comic book adaptations, and discussion of these happenings tends to dominate the online conversation in ways that other movies simply cannot compare. Truth is, we're all a little obsessed by it. The movie at the top of the obsession pile right now? Man of Steel 2, perhaps? Last year, of course, this colossal sequel (nicknamed "Batman Vs. Superman" at the moment because that's cool) found its Batman in Ben Affleck, and recently hired its villain in Jesse Eisenberg, who will be taking on the rather unexpected role of Lex Luthor. And not to forget that Jeremy Irons has stepped into fill the Alfred-shaped hole left by Michael Caine. And then there's Gal Gadot, who - to the surprise of many DC fans - will be dressing up as Wonder Woman. With so many characters already confirmed for this already jammed-packed movie, then, you could say it's a little unrealistic to suggest that even more characters are incorporated. Still, with the huge momentum that seems to be building around the project, it might not be entirely dumb to consider that the producers could very well end up throwing another icon into the melting pot. We're talking about the Joker, of course, Batman's arch-nemesis, and the villain who was immortalised by the late Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight back in 2008. It's going to be hard - and some might say impossible - to fill Ledger's enormous boots in the wake of this rebooted universe, of course, but we've taken some time to consider some very talented actors who might just be up to the challenge and are feasible as modern choices...

Honourable Mention: Gary Busey

Well, no, not really a sensible decision at all, nor a marketable one, but wouldn't it be sort of hilarious to see what happened if Zack Snyder and friends invited Gary Busey down to the set of Batman Vs. Superman and told him he was the Joker? Why, they could just throw a bucket of paint over his head start filming right there and then. Because Gary Busey has sort of turned into a real life Joker, really: he rants and raves wherever you take him, and he has that look in his eyes... you know, that look like he's got something terrifying going on in his head ALL THE TIME.

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