Batman Vs Superman: 10 Superior Actors Who Should Have Been Lex Luthor

10. Paul Dano

Paul Dano has not got movie star looks: his jaw is not chiselled, he does not have a noble nose, and his eyes are just... odd. He is not going to get cast as Superman, but he would definitely make a good Luthor. In 2007 he starred in There Will Be Blood as twins Paul and Eli Sunday, the latter of whom was a twisted manipulator: one part preacher, one part con man, all malevolence; characteristics that he could bring these same qualities to Lex Luthor, and in doing so would create a foe for Superman that would be very memorable. In Prisoners and 12 Years a Slave he plays morally abject characters, forces for evil who inspire the audience to want him get his comeuppance, and if possible see him get punched in the face along the way. As film fans we know that Luthor is not going to win, we've seen too many movies to fall for that, but we still need someone to pull us in and make us root for right over wrong. Dano could certainly be that man. Stand Out Moment: The church healing scene in There Will Be Blood shows Dano at his most mesmeric and haunting. He wanders the aisle of his self built church preaching his gospel, but somehow makes this a moment of fear and trepidation.

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