Batman vs Superman Movie: 5 Gotham Characters That Need To Appear

Zack Snyder must learn that using Batman in a movie brings baggage...

There€™s a little film coming in 2015 that some may have heard of. Announced at this summer€™s San Diego Comic Con, the two most iconic super heroes of all time, Batman and Superman, will unite for the first time in Batman vs Superman. With Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane reprising their roles from this year€™s Man of Steel, the role of Batman will be placed on the lofty shoulders of Renaissance man Ben Affleck. While many believed the story would be set exclusively in Metropolis, the filming of a football scene last month believed to be set in Gotham has thrown everyone for a loop. So what, if any, Gotham citizens will be mentioned or perhaps even appear on screen? If Ben Affleck is to have the credibility in the iconic suit, it would be wise to pepper around some of the familiar names in the Batman universe. Here are five of the names we believe need to be seen, or at the very least mentioned, in Batman vs Superman.
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