Batman vs Superman Movie: 5 Gotham Characters That Need To Appear

5. Thomas And Martha Wayne

Without the back story, Batman is nothing but a billionaire lunatic running around a city in leather pants. The death of his parents at the hands of poverty and corruption mean we can at the very least understand Bruce Wayne€™s extra curricular activities. It€™s important to remember there will be a good few young audience members who will never have seen Bats throw a punch before. It€™s therefore imperative that they have at least some understanding of why this man dresses like a Bat, and mentioning Thomas and Martha is the easiest possible way. While it€™s unnecessary to retread ground walked in Batman Begins, it is central to the character of Batman that he himself and the audience remember exactly what started this crusade, and a brief mention here or there would be a great way for us all embrace the new Dark Knight with open arms.
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