Beauty And The Beast Remake: 18 Major Changes Disney Made

something there that wasn't there before

Beauty And The Beast Dance

A lot has been said about the live action version of Beauty And The Beast being a faithful adaptation of the 1991 classic Disney film, and none of it is incorrect. At times, the remake is an affectionate, respectful homage, even including scenes and moments taken straight from the animation cells. It's beautifully made, gorgeously designed and as heart-warming as the original.

For some, the lack of originality in the newer version is a problem, but it stands to reason that you wouldn't mess with the formula of the most beloved Disney classic ever too much. That would have been tantamount to sacrilege.

But then, that doesn't quite mean that the live action version is a play-for-play direct remake. Just as Jon Favreau changed up his take on The Jungle Book to adapt in moments from Rudyard Kipling's text, or to add difference from the cartoon feature, Bill Condon's version of Beauty And The Beast makes its own strikes for originality.

Some scenes are unrecognisable from the animation, some characters are wholly new and others have been changed massively. And as a Disney completist, it's fun to compare every one of those differences...


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