Before Midnight: 10 Reasons It's One Of The Greatest Films Ever Made

9. Cast Chemistry

Before Midnight Though the script is wonderful (as is everything else), the main reason for Midnight's success, as with the others, is the incredible chemistry between Hawke and Delpy. The pair helped write the script with Linklater, tailoring it to their specific notions and personalities, such that when it came to acting the scenes out, it comes across effortlessly, without a hint of affectation. It's easy to believe that the two could have been dating or married in real life, because of how at ease they are with one another. Similarly, the smaller parts are only slightly less excellent; Jesse's relationship with his son is well-conveyed through a strong child performance, and scenes as seemingly ordinary as a group of friends sitting down at a dinner table end up revealing plenty by virtue of the stupendously well-judged acting.

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