Best/Worst Case For 15 Summer Movies (With Predictions)

Summertime Fun (or Crushing Disappointment)?

The Lion King Simba

Avengers: Endgame has kicked off the summer blockbuster season with a bang. And though the MCU epic will surely be the alpha of the season, it isn't the only film you should have circled on your calendar. In fact, this summer is packed to the brim with major releases, including live-action adaptations of animated classics, inventive horror flicks and, of course, superhero films.

This will be an event-filled summer at the theatre and while some films are certain to have success, others will have something to prove. Not every movie is as secure as Endgame and can either climb a hill of prosperity or sink into a valley of insignificance.

Before this summer goes in full swing, let's take a look at the best and worst case scenarios for 15 of the most prominent releases of the season.

15. Pokemon Detective Pikachu

The Lion King Simba
Warner Bros.

Release Date: May 10th

Video game adaptations don't have the best history. Last year's Rampage and Tomb Raider are among the best and those results were modest. So naturally, when a Detective Pikachu movie was first announced many were reasonably skeptical. Most of those concerns disappeared as the trailers for the film show a world of Pokémon fans have always wanted.

Best Case: If there is one thing this film has it is a target audience. The Pokémon fanbase is among the strongest in the world and they could easily carry this film to dizzying heights.

Worst Case: Yes, the Pokémon brand is strong, but that could easily become an issue. Warner Bros has a recent history of not appreciating their properties and counting chickens before they hatch. Justice League could be a warning they fail to heed. The film could lean too much on its name and treat the movie as a novelty or product, not containing anything worthwhile or unique.

Prediction: This film won't disappoint. Detective Pikachu will break the curse of video game films, please its rabid fans young and old and gross well over a billion at the box office.


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