Bond: 10 Actresses Who Should Be 007

Who could make it work?


The role of Bond is an ever-shifting position, but some want to see it change even further than it already has. Implementing a gender switch for the character would have some really interesting repercussions and would undoubtedly make for a significant talking point in the industry.

It could be something that completely reinvents the Bond franchise and helps it to become even better, but if botched could ruin it forever.

The position of casting the first female Bond would be an incredibly difficult task, but there are a plethora of actors who would excel in the role.

With the experience, star power and acting skills that these entries have, it's easy to see how they could take on the mantle of 007 and achieve great things with it.

Note: No Time to Die will feature a female 00 agent, who many are speculating could end up taking over for the franchise depending on her reception. Lashana Lynch plays this 00, and whilst the performer seems like a great fit, since she is already involved with the franchise, she will not be making an appearance on this list.


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