Bond 25: 5 Things From Previous Daniel Craig Films It Must Continue (And 4 It Must Avoid)

Will Daniel Craig's final run be the best?


The Daniel Craig saga has been a hell of a ride, and a crucial addition to the long-running James Bond canon. But the act of rounding off this mighty run has proven difficult at almost every turn.

It isn't the first time that the developmental phase has been tricky. Everyone remembers Quantum of Solace as the muddled follow-up to the brilliant Casino Royale. And the equally brilliant Skyfall almost never happened at all.

But just when the franchise seemed like it was in the safe zone once again, out came Spectre, which, let's face it, wasn't really the payoff fans were hoping for. Given the substance and grit which had so far made the Craig saga special, the fourth movie was a not so substantial roundup.

This means there is a lot resting on Bond 25, and a lot of material for it to learn from. There is a wealth of great components which can be carried forth from its predecessors. but a near-equal amount that must be left behind. Here's a guide to how this long-running tenure needs to end on a high...

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