British crime movies make a return with The Heavy

celebrity-image-vinnie-jones-228333.jpgIt really pissed me off last week when Newcastle born director Paul W.S. Anderson (which adds to the strangeness of this movie) revealed he was working on an updated remake of The Long Good Friday. I mean it's one thing to remake this classic British thriller but to remake it in Miami? No thanks. The Hollywood Reporter today are showing us some light at the end of the tunnel. There's a British crime movie known as The Heavy which has just begun filming and the casting is now all complete. Gary Stretch, Shannyn Sossamon, Vinnie Jones (no surprise there), Stephen Rea, CHRISTOPHER LEE (flick has just won my cash), George Harris, Geoff Bell and Jean Marsh.
Screenwriter-director Marcus Warren's British feature centers on a henchman played by Gary Stretch, who is forced to forgive a debt to his shady businessman boss (Rea) by assassinating his own brother, a high profile politician. The plan begins to unravel when he gets involved with a student (Sossamon) whose flat he plans to use for the crime, and a corrupt detective (Jones) gets on his trail.
Awesome. Christopher Lee in British crime film... I'm there.
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