Bruce Lee CGI movie is SCRAPPED! Thank God!

brucelee.jpgOne of the dumbest idea's for a film that I have wrote about since I started Obsessed with Film was probably on Rob Cohen's idea of creating a digital Bruce Lee movie with his dialogue coming for bits and pieces of interviews and movie roles he has done in the past. Let's go back in time, and read exactly what I said... "I must say this sounds very ambitious and VERY VERY dumb. I can€™t see how this can possibly work. You will have a digital actor of a movie legend which quite frankly I€™m skeptical of it looking any good anyway, along with voice dialogue with different ranges, emotions and time periods of Lee€™s life along with what HAS TO BE a shit script and story weaved together with the limited dialogue they could use". The news today from Dark Horizons is that the Bruce Lee estate have finally come to their senses on the film and have now backed out of letting the rights go to Cohen so he can make what I called back in November "a train wreck". Apparently the news going around is that Donnie Yen will be starring as the marital arts legend in a movie based on a Bruce Lee book that was written by one of his family members. I would guess that this new project will be far less riskier than Rob Cohen's creepy CGI version. Now if only we could get Cohen off The Mummy 3. source - dark horizons, twitchfilm, geekson
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