Bryce Dallas Howard: 5 Awesome Performances & 5 That Sucked

The Jurassic World star has had a mixed career so far.

Hollywood and nepotism go hand in hand, and when you're an actor with a Dad who's Hollywood royalty, the press can get a little snooty. In some cases this is justified (see the career of Jaden Smith), but in other cases, whatever an actor's background, you get the impression they would have made it anyway. With strong reviews for Jurassic World and a varied resume which takes in Hollywood thrillers, as well as more thoughtful, independent fare, it's starting to look like Bryce Dallas Howard belongs in the latter category. Her early appearances were mostly cameos in her dad's films such as Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks and the Steve Martin comedy Parenthood - not bad for an actress yet to catch the acting bug. As she matured, she took on larger parts in a series of forgettable, big-budget movies such as The Village and Spider-Man 3, while seeking out quirkier, or more traditionally challenging, roles in modestly-budgeted indie movies along the way. While her career finally looks to be gathering pace, the critical and commercial reception to her films, and indeed her performances, has until now been mixed. This is forgivable, since the occasional M Night Shyamalan dud is countered by more successful awards pieces. With such a mixed bag on her acting resume, it's only fair to take a look at her best and worst acting performances.

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