Bumblebee: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

An eighties motif, Hailee Steinfeld AND John Cena?!

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Transformers, to many, is a franchise synonymous with the Hollywood machine - an industry that these days seems to specialise exclusively in rehashing old stories and rebooting any franchise that can coast on nostalgia at the very least.

With the previous five Michael Bay helmed instalments being far less than exemplary films, audiences and fans alike are surely suffering from Transformers-fatigue - which is why a spin off movie starring a fan favourite character, helmed by and starring fresh faces, could be the best thing to happen to the franchise in years.

It may sound wild to say it, but Bumblebee is shaping up to not only potentially be the best Transformers movie, but a rather exciting film in its own right.

10. The Action

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Let it never be said that The Transformers films don't deliver on the action front, but set pieces in the Transformers franchise have devolved into choppy, CGI laden sequences that more closely resemble video game cutscenes than scenes in a blockbuster movie.

However, Bumblebee's action sequences seem to be changing up the Transformers formula for battles, chases and everything in-between.

With some teases of action scenes such as the inventive chase through a tunnel with half-transformed vehicles, immense battles on Cybertron with series-best visual effects and - perhaps most interesting of all - a long take brawl between Bumblebee and Dropkick from the perspective of Charlie, as she navigates through destruction and a flail of robot limbs.

For a franchise people seem to love for 'dumb fun', the action seen so far in Bumblebee seems to be at least trying to ditch the 'dumb', and amp up the 'fun'.


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