Bumblebee Trailer: John Cena Turns Heel For '80s Transformers Spin-Off

The Iron Giant rip-off vibes are strong...

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John Cena's got a lot on his plate at the minute. When he's not being one of the main storylines in Total Divas (though the engagement call-off definitely WASN'T a work, right?), he still sometimes wrestles (and says he's in no way finished with WWE) and is now launching into his full-blooded assault on Hollywood.

It's clear he wants to be the next The Rock in terms of transitioning to the top of the box office, given the track he's taking with movie choices and appearing in a franchise as lucrative as Transformers should help. Somewhat unconventionally though, it appears he's the villain in the Bumblebee spin-off whose first trailer has just landed.

He's in no way the star of this project - that would be Hailee Steinfeld as well as the non-talking robot in disguise himself - but Cena will be the draw for lots of WWE stars. He's still the number one merch draw for the company after all and Paramount will be hoping that his appeal transfers across. In that respect the fact that he seems to be playing a villainous government agent - allied with Sector Seven - is somewhat surprising.

Here's the full trailer...

There's definitely a heavy Iron Giant vibe going on here - and unashamedly so - and one of the things we can be sure of is that Kubo and the Two String's director Travis Knight will bring a lot of heart. And if you're a gambling person, you should probably put money on the fact that Cena being the bad guy won't actually last: he fits the profile of a face-turn villain way too comfortably for them not to go that way, particularly with the Iron Giant influences in there.

What do you think of this trailer?

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