Captain America - Civil War: 10 Characters Martin Freeman Could Be Playing

Spider-Man villain, government agent, or costumed hero?

Martin Freeman Captain Britain

In an age where the internet wants to know everything immediately, any time an actor is cast in an undisclosed role, it/s inevitably that the question of who they're playing becomes paramount. While it’s commendable that Marvel has managed to keep this role a secret so far, that they have is all the more indication that the character in question is someone of note.

Let’s look at the facts: Martin Freeman has been cast in Captain America: Civil War. That’s about it. Rumours peg him as some sort of government agent, while others suggest he’ll reappear in Black Panther, alongside Chadwick Boseman and Andy Serkis. Like Black Panther, Spider-Man is similarly entering the fray in this film, and Doctor Strange is on the horizon too, so elements from their supporting casts could also be added in the form of Freeman.

As an actor Freeman is wildly versatile. He’s played the straight-faced comic relief sidekick in Sherlock, the likeable hero in The Hobbit, and the despicably sinister villain in Fargo. He’s got incredible range, which makes it all the more difficult to peg down which character he could be playing.

Freeman's role could be anyone from a government agent, to a Spider-Man villain, to a completely new character. These are 10 Marvel characters that he could be playing, characters like...

10. Baron Mordo

Martin Freeman Captain Britain
Marvel Comics

As proven with his brilliantly slimy performance in Fargo, Freeman can work very well against type. That he comes across as a bumbling, charming everyman only makes his eventual reveal as a dark villain all the more effective. Keep that in mind, because that argument might pop up a few more times.

Baron Karl Mordo is Doctor Strange’s mystical rival, and the previous student of Strange's teacher. He ventured into the world of black magic and seeks nothing but power and the destruction of Strange. The appeal of Mordo is that it would re-unite Freeman with his Sherlock co-star Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Their chemistry is the biggest appeal of that show and having them square off can be immensely satisfying, as proven in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Mordo might seem a bit out of place in an already-crowded film that will likely have little to do with magic, and better suited to be played by someone like Mads Mikkelsen. Yet, Marvel loves to set up and interconnect their movies, and what better way to set up Doctor Strange than to first introduce us to his greatest foe. Mordo could be subtly influencing and manipulating from the sidelines, or perhaps emerging at the end amidst the chaos.


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