Captain America: Civil War - 11 Things Learned From AsiaPop ComiCon Trailer

Similarity to the source material: zero.

It's always frustrating sitting on the outside of ComiCons knowing the choice material on show will remain secret to all but those lucky few inside the sardine-crammed screening rooms. That's basically what the Internet is for most people - a heaving mass of comic book fans trying to beg information with those in the know, and luckily there's a new answer to that begging in the wake of the new Civil War trailer that screened at AsiaPop. The trailer - which was initially suggested to be just a recut of the D23 footage - featured some brand new scenes that were conspicuously kept away from pesky Internet leakers with mobile phones trained on the screen by a crack security team. So this time fans are going to have to wait until the official trailer releases to see at least some of that content. But luckily - and inevitably - some fans, including one charitable Redditor, have offered run-downs of the footage, which was shown twice for effect. It goes without saying that the reaction on the ground (mostly from fans who were already very aroused for the film) verged on the hyperbolic (especially when Sebastian Stan turned up for a panel), and there were some choice morsels of information in there...

11. Thanos Is In It

Well, sort of. When he appeared in the mid-credits stinger at the end of the first Avengers movie and was then unceremoniously dropped for Josh Brolin, Damion Poitier joined the list of actors who were removed from on-screen jobs before the character got big. But luckily for him - and as something of an Easter Egg - Poitier is back in the MCU, playing one of Crossbones' thugs.

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