Captain America: Civil War - 30 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

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Despite weeks of hype following the over-ridingly positive early critical reviews, there's a very good chance that Captain America: Civil War is better than you could possibly hope for. It's not perfect, but as comic book movies go, it's a stunningly successful epic that somehow manages to balance impossibly enormous set-pieces with complex personal stories and human relationships.

It features the greatest Spider-Man so far, the best ever action sequence from the genre and some impressive character developments for a massive cast who could so easily have been cast off in favour of concentrating on only the core figures. If that sounds like the kind of hyperbole that is impossible to back up, you're going to have to prepare for any cynical expectations to be batted aside.

This being a Marvel movie, it's positively jam-packed with Easter Eggs and references back to the comics - including the Civil War source material - and it's a wonder the directors managed to get so much detail in for the fans while keeping all the other balls in the air.

So which were the best Easter Eggs, references and in-jokes in the Russos' exceptional epic? Obviously there's a lot of spoilers within, so be warned...

30. The Homecoming Foreshadowing

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In one of the strangest, but most disposably fun nods, it turns out that one of Bucky's trigger words during his vocal conditioning is "Homecoming".

That surely can't be accidental given the proximity of the newly titled Spider-Man movie coming next year?

The other words are less weighted, including "longing", "freight car", "one", "nine", "seventeen", and "benign". If you're REALLY looking hard for references in there, Captain America was born in 1917, but as far as I'm aware, that did not take place on a freight car.


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