Captain America: Civil War - 5 Things Learned From D23 Footage

What did Disney reveal about Marvel's next epic?

One of the prospective highlights of D23 was the promise of footage from Captain America: Civil War. The upcoming blockbuster will kick-start the Civil War story-line, which sees The Avengers fracture into opposing factions under the weight of polemic unrest. Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans turned up at the expo to unveil the footage, which played well to an enthusiastic crowd. But what new insights does this first-look provide? With production under way in Germany, we've been seeing a lot of stuff leaking out about Civil War, but this footage is our first official look at the project. There were several major things to take away from the reel, all of which can now be assumed as gospel. Some stuff only distills to a glance, such as the first, silent appearance of Black Panther. But other aspects are more substantive, making it only appropriate to run through the 5 biggest things we've learnt courtesy of Disney's D23 footage. Click "next" below to kick-off this list...


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