Captain America: Civil War - 8 Characters Who Will Be Totally Different

The Marvel universe is in for a serious paradigm shift in 2016.

Though probably the most anticipated film of the decade, second only to its predecessor, it's hard to ignore those fans who ended up being disappointed by the formulaic nature of this year€™s The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. While other MCU movies attempted to break the franchise€™s mold to create something exciting and push the boundaries of the established characters, this was something the Avengers sequel, stuffed to bursting with superheroes, just wasn€™t able to manage. Instead, we saw all our favourite Avengers mostly unchanged. That being said, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in for a serious paradigm shift next year, with the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. If the comic book arc is anything to go by, the events that lead up to and cause the titular €˜civil war€™ among the heroes are going to fracture the team more severely than any conflict has before, seriously changing the way that the audience will view the familiar characters. There is nothing more transformative for a franchise and its cast than a jagged line split down the middle of a roster that was once comprised of allies and friends. All of that is coupled with the addition of many new characters along with the continuation of others who have not yet had a chance to get their moment in the spotlight €“ which means that Civil War is going to show us its characters, some favourite and some as yet unfamiliar, in ways that we haven€™t seen them before.

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