Captain America: Civil War - 9 Major Concerns From The New Trailer

Boring locations, a humourless tone, and why is the whole thing so bloody grey?

After it began to feel like it might never happen, the first proper trailer for Captain America: Civil War has finally landed and the internet has gone kind of crazy. Despite the fact that the trailer has been billed as a "teaser," it still comes in at a whopping 2 minutes, 26 seconds, which feels like a lot more than just a tease, all things considered. There's a whole bunch of stuff going on, people: new plot revelations; glimpses of some rather awesome-looking battles, a look at the differing sides of the titular war - not to mention footage of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers going at it. And yet, despite all that, there's something about this trailer that promotes a feeling of uneasiness. Whilst there are certainly some cool flashes scattered throughout the teaser, having finally seen some genuine, full-on footage for Captain America: Civil War, it's difficult to not feel somewhat disappointed about what the movie holds in store for MCU fans... That's not to say that Civil War is going to be a dud. It is, after all, just a trailer - its purpose is to sell the movie, not to show it outright in its entirety. Just that this new teaser offers lots in the way of somewhat questionable moments....


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