Captain America: Civil War - 9 Major Concerns From The New Trailer

9. It All Looks So... Grey?

First things first: the aesthetic. Though we're only talking about a teaser trailer here, has anybody noticed how grey the movie looks? Like, oppressive, dystopia-future grey. Granted, Civil War is a movie about "control," but the colours in this Captain America flick look like they've been well and truly drained. There's something really bland and off-putting about the whole palette, people. Of course, a concern like this has no bearing on the quality of the narrative, but every single scene in the trailer has a inherent "greyness" lingering over it - almost as though the Russo Brothers (who directed the movie) took George Orwell's 1984 as some kind of inspiration for the look of the film. Seriously, have a glimpse at every shot in the trailer: so freakin' grey. In fact, this teaser makes the trailer for the similarly-themed Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - which has been lambasted by fans and detractors alike for being "too dark" - look like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Whilst that movie has a dark palette, there's something more off-putting about a film that looks like it's set inside a cement mixer.

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