Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 Breakdown - 34 Things You Need To See

Spidey! Prison 42! Vision v Scarlet Witch! Oh My!

Have you got your breath back yet? With a little under two months to go until the release of Captain America: Civil War, Marvel have gone big with their second full trailer (widely assumed to be the last, though that's unlikely), unveiling Spider-Man, Crossbones, an unmasked Black Panther and all manner of story details. If you look hard enough, there's a very definite shape forming of exactly how this plot is going to play out. And impressively, there's still a lot more that will remain undiscovered until the film's release. If you're feeling some pangs of familiarity, it might be because there's another tent-pole superhero movie coming that deals with the aftermath of intervention and collateral damage, a shady villain pulling strings behind the scenes and dead best buds. You might have heard of it. However you want to spin the Marvel v DC battle, this is the closest they've got to making directly competing films; they share narrative genetics, they include all of their biggest brand names and they're released barely a month apart. This really means war. Luckily, it should be possible to enjoy both films, but that's not what the Internet is for, so choosing a winner at this stage is always to be encouraged. On the strength of this trailer, though, this film is the more exciting, particularly for actual comic book fans, and not those looking for a grim, more realistic action movie. If you need further evidence of that, just look at that Spider-Man design. Anyway, so let's get into analyzing everything in the trailer...

34. The Unknown HYDRA Base

It isn't particularly sign-posted, but you have to assume that this here is ground zero for Bucky's original rebirth as the Winter Soldier. What is it about HYDRA and snowy mountainscapes? Doesn't being such a cliche sort of compromise their attempts to hide the fact that they exist? And hands up who else is getting definite feelings that this is all going to unravel to reveal that HYDRA's first fan of snowy mountains (Red Skull) is still somehow involved?

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