Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 Breakdown - 34 Things You Need To See

33. They're Not HYDRA Agents

It might initially appear thanks to the editing that the two key-turning troops are HYDRA agents, but their badges actually reveal that they are Russian police/soldiers - best guess would say they're linked to the Justice Ministry. So maybe that's not a HYDRA base, after all? This poses some pretty big questions: firstly, is this a suggestion that the Russian state was involved in the creation of The Winter Soldier as they were in the comics? Also, does that mean that Karpov (Gene Farber) is going to be revealed in flashbacks as having reprogrammed Bucky in Russia? And how does that fit with the idea that HYDRA were responsible for turning him into a super assassin? The rabbit hole deepens. The soldiers' costumes certainly look vintage enough to corroborate the idea that this is a flashback...

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