Captain America: Civil War Trailer - 8 Huge Reveals About Spider-Man

This Silver Age Spidey suit reveals more about the hero than you realised.

When Marvel revealed that they were releasing a new trailer for Captain America: Civil War, fans were surprisingly split down the middle when it came to whether or not the studio should use it to show off Spider-Man. While anticipation to see the wall-crawler was at an all-time high, there were those who believed that the iconic superhero should be kept under wraps until the movie reaches the big screen. Well, as you now already know, the studio made the smart business decision of using it to unveil their take on the wall-crawler (letting the general audience know he's in the movie is vital if they hope to receive a box office boost from his presence), and it's fair to say that he looks amazing. Spectacular, even! While Spidey has only seconds of screen-time, our first look at Marvel and the Russo Brothers' interpretation of their most iconic superhero reveals a surprising amount about what we should expect from the rebooted version who will be played by British actor Tom Holland. There are lots of hidden details on the suit which spill the beans on the new Peter Parker's secrets, while the scene itself sheds some light on the movie's plot. Here, you will find the eight biggest reveals about Spider-Man from the Captain America: Civil War trailer, and it's fair to say that fans of his Silver Age adventures should now be very happy indeed...

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