Captain Marvel: 20 Easter Eggs And References Explained

4. Goose's Flerken Reveal

Captain Marvel Goose
Marvel Studios

Comics fans will have had a hard time keeping the secret of Goose's true identity under wraps before Captain Marvel's premiere, but now that the cat is quite literally out of the bag, it's time to talk about the film's scene-stealer in greater depth.

In the comics, Goose is actually called Chewie, and is also Flerken. In the comics, Carol didn't find out Chewie was a Flerken until years into their adventures together, where he laid eggs. Like the cat-like-creature in the film, Chewie had tentacles that could spring from his mouth, as well as the added ability of being able to house various objects in pocket dimensions located within their body.

Goose's name is in itself a reference to Val Kilmer's tyre-kicking character from Tony Scott's Top Gun, while his ginger appearance is lifted straight from the comics themselves. Here's hoping he returns for Endgame.

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