Captain Marvel Trailer: 12 Things You Might've Missed

Not just any baseball cap.

Captain Marvel Shield
Marvel Studios

The Captain Marvel teaser trailer has been doing the rounds since Tuesday afternoon, with early reactions ranging from fist-pumping enthusiasm to total indifference.

While the trailer didn't convince everyone that the film is going to be yet another MCU phenomenon, it did nevertheless set the tone, introduce the principals and, best of all, give keen-eyed fans plenty to look out for.

Upon closer inspection, some seemingly throwaway dialogue has far greater meaning, while fleeting shots hold neat hints about the direction of the story, and the most subtle, easily-missed visuals just might be letting on far more than you realised upon your first viewing.

There's still plenty up in the air about Captain Marvel, of course, and in many ways these 12 finds only raise more questions about the film.

We'll have to wait and see whether or not the second trailer provides much in the way of clarification, but until then, feast your eyes and ears on these neat, low-key discoveries in Captain Marvel's Internet-breaking first trailer...


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