Casting Star Trek: The Next Generation Reboot

Going where a few people have gone before.


When it comes to the inevitable passage of time, resistance is futile. People grow old. Things become forgotten. And franchises get rebooted.

Star Trek: The Next Generation is now over 30 years old, fondly remembered by fans, but relatively stagnant otherwise, drifting through the media void like a ship without power. In a culture chock full of superheroes, Star Wars, and weirdly unfunny action comedies, there seems to be little room for a smart little sci-fi show.

Yet the hunger is there. With the success of the new Star Trek: Discovery series, there's clear evidence that Star Trek can survive in this brave new world, and what better way than a reboot to bring forward the Next Generation of Starfleet explorers? Er, the Next NEXT Generation, that is.

And just like the original TNG, any reboot will likely live or die by the quality of the characters. The Bridge crew on TNG were memorable and likeable, with interesting storylines more concerned with exploring other cultures than it was about blasting CGI creatures.

And to portray the best characters, you need the best actors.

So let us boldly go through these casting picks together, in the hopes that this time whoever plays Riker can sit on chairs properly.


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