Casting Star Trek: The Next Generation Reboot

9. Guinan - Whoopi Goldberg

Tom Hardy Patrick Stewart Picard Star Trek Next Generation
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Every reboot needs someone from the original to carry the torch, and who better than the centuries old, alien barkeep?

Much like Picard, Guinan is an older, advisory figure, and Goldberg (now older herself) is arguably even better suited to the role now than she was back in 1988. With her soft, smooth voice and whip smart sense of humour, she could easily slip back into her old character.

This would be even more effective if a younger actor was chosen to play Picard this time around, as Guinan's wise and experienced counsel would be all the more necessary.

Plus Whoopi's actual experience of being on Star Trek would be a massive benefit to all the cast and crew involved, especially since she knew (and was reportedly close friends with) Gene Rodenberry before his passing.

An older Guinan would also serve as a great introduction to several of TNG's famous antagonists as well, having had personal experience with both the Borg and Q - a great excuse to bring back John de Lancie, by the way - and could act as the show's expository lead. It'd beat having to get a certain android to explain everything again.

"That's enough, Data!"


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